Building a Business



In the harsh economy of 2009, three businessmen got together to form a startup company. As with any good partnership, each brought with them unique talents. Two of the partners were expert salesmen in their industry and the other was a wiz with finances. Like many startups, they had tremendous talent but no structure. The three partners’ ambition was to approach clientele with national reach. This would require the partners to have a strong infrastructure to service these clients properly. They were faced with some of the most common problems among startups: How to get clients without a support structure, and How to afford to hire, equip and train a support staff without cash flow?

The GARRITANO Approach:

GARRITANO worked with the partners to understand and help recognize their vision. The partnership required a scalable solution, as they expected to grow rapidly. GARRITANO’S DIAMOND CFOTM service provided balanced accounting services and back office support system services needed for less than the cost of a bookkeeper. As the business grew the DIAMOND CFOTM services evolved with them to include Human Resources support, training for new staff, data analytics and more. The partners were able to take advantage of the several areas of expertise of GARRITANO’S team.

The Result:

The company has continued to grow in revenue and staff over the last seven years. GARRITANO remains a valuable resource providing human resource and back office support services, accounting/tax services and consulting. GARRITANO prepares analytical analyses to help identify areas of waste and opportunity within the business. The partners are able to focus on the larger vision of the company and trust GARRITANO to take care of the rest.