Customize your own accounting department with GARRITANO’S DIAMOND CFOTM service. In an environment of opportunity, it is important that business owners spend less time and money managing the back office operations and focus on selling and producing their products/services. DIAMOND CFOTM service combines traditional accounting services and expert advisory services with managerial and back-office support that synergize with our clients’ goals.

The core value of our firm most reflected in our DIAMOND CFOTM service is Problem Solving. Your business is unique and ever-changing, and therefore will face unique and ever-changing problems. Our team utilizes the firm’s 35+ years of experience across a wide array of industries to help develop, analyze and execute solutions. Garritano helps capture and protect crucial business data so it can be compiled and presented in a way it can be useful for our business owners to make informed decisions. We work with and help assemble teams of professionals to give you the representation and service you need. Let us be your CFO.

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